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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Some random notes ...

  • JB HiFi has just opened in Auckland!  How much do I want to go in there and drop a few hundred dollars on some cheap CDs?!
  • My first assessed teaching class went really well.  Of course I impressed the tutors, but I'm probably irritating my classmates with my incessant questions and general knowing-it-all.  A few little things to work on, but I'm feeling really positive.  Learning is making me tired (as is staying up really late doing lesson plans), but it's only for a few weeks.  The people in my class are cool, as are the students, so ... yay.
  • I get to see Mickey on Friday!
  • I am being semi-successful at trying to keep away from Crackbook and email.  This means I'm crap at the communication, but it's probably better for my health. 
  • Auckland's public transport system still pretty much sucks.
  • Crappy uni cafeteria food still tastes exactly as bad as it did 7 years ago.
  • I still haven't changed my flights.  Somebody nominate some Scotland dates for me?!

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Anonymous said...

whenever honey - you are always welcome - just let us know when you want a ed in Edinburgh! Would be lovely to see you. T.