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Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm so behind on everything

With no excuses except for greater responsibility, more work and more socialising.

I'm behind on my blog, my emails, my crochet and organising my life.

I need to write another to do list ...

On the upside, I went to a place last night where the cocktails cost more than the wicked cool shoes I'm currently wearing (cocktails = £7.50- 9.50, shoes = £7.49) and then my lovely friends paid cause they know I'm waay below the poverty line ... Thanks T and Warren!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

This never happens to me!

Through a combination of poverty and bad planning, I went over my overdraft limit by £3.30. 

Through trying to rectify this, spending more money and then rectifying that, I managed to be charged not only the interest on the overdraft (fair enough), but three charges of £28.00 each! 

What the hell?!

How much money is that back where I made the money? 

I don't even like to think about it ...

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Also, my new room to be is haunted.

And my roommate has the pox (fowl kind).

I haven't had them.

Or ghosts.


Yo yo yo it's Movember!

In case you've had your head stuck in the sand in recent weeks, you may not know that Movember has officially started.

It's a fantastic fundraiser for men's health - prostate cancer research and men's depression awareness. 

So guys - shave your faces and register with the website, collect donations and grow the best mo you can folliculate (is that a word?).

Girls - support your Mo Bros!

And everyone donate something, it's a good cause!

If you're lacking in mo's to sponsor - try the Aussie team 2290 - a bunch of engineering students in Melbourne!

Costume Karma

Has anyone ever noticed how Asian (generic, not specific) tourists are everywhere, yet none of them seem to die in western zombie films? 

I noticed.

Hence, I dressed in drab but cute clothes, straightened my hair, carried a guidebook, slung a camera around my neck, rustled a lot of plastic bags, wore socks and jandals (aka flip flops) and did peace signs a lot for photos.  And had a bloody head wound and death makeup, of course.

It was all fun and games and everyone thought my outfit was hilarious.  Until I noticed the small Asian (Chinese, but we'll stick with the generic term) girl with the scarf over her head staring at me.  She didn't stop for ages.  I mostly avoided eye contact, it was extremely uncomfortable.  She was drinking the sangria and was apparently nice, but I was totally unnerved.  Then she started playing Jenga by herself in the middle of a hectic party.  I had my suspicions that she was more Asian than even I was pretending to be.

Later on we went to the pub for ScaryOke and she came along.  It was only then that I realised that she was wearing white Wilson tennis socks with pink and clear plastic slides with octopi on them.

Totally out-Asianed.  Gutted.

Ghosties and ghoulies

I took a few minutes out at midnight on All Hallow's Eve as I always do to commune a little with the general world around me.  Unlike last year where I got to see stars forever in the outback desert, I was amongst the dodgy schemies on the dirty streets of Edinburgh.  At least I was alone and could still see the sky. 

I love this place though, and I love these people.  I went through some old photos here and reclaimed all the ones that belong to me.  Ahh, the memories.

In other news, the interview for the job fell through, I am permanently busy at the hostel with work and with crochet - I am currently occupied with outfitting Edinburgh with my designs.  Success!