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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Costume Karma

Has anyone ever noticed how Asian (generic, not specific) tourists are everywhere, yet none of them seem to die in western zombie films? 

I noticed.

Hence, I dressed in drab but cute clothes, straightened my hair, carried a guidebook, slung a camera around my neck, rustled a lot of plastic bags, wore socks and jandals (aka flip flops) and did peace signs a lot for photos.  And had a bloody head wound and death makeup, of course.

It was all fun and games and everyone thought my outfit was hilarious.  Until I noticed the small Asian (Chinese, but we'll stick with the generic term) girl with the scarf over her head staring at me.  She didn't stop for ages.  I mostly avoided eye contact, it was extremely uncomfortable.  She was drinking the sangria and was apparently nice, but I was totally unnerved.  Then she started playing Jenga by herself in the middle of a hectic party.  I had my suspicions that she was more Asian than even I was pretending to be.

Later on we went to the pub for ScaryOke and she came along.  It was only then that I realised that she was wearing white Wilson tennis socks with pink and clear plastic slides with octopi on them.

Totally out-Asianed.  Gutted.

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