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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wendel McWong's Pick of the Fringe

It's been another crazy August, culminating in (or spiralling down to) the last nights of the Fringe when I didn't get home before 5.30am. 
Some of my highlights have been:
  • visiting the Phat Cave most nights (technically mornings);
  • Jamie Kilstein giving standing-ovation-worthy performances;
  • Harley Breen doing a leotard-clad interpretive dance to 'When Doves Cry' by Prince;
  • visiting the 1/4 Gill pub for the first time at 6.15am on Monday morning (and leaving at 9 when normal people start work);
  • seeing a bunch of Aussie drag queens doing the Sound of Music;
  • spending time in the Spiegel Garden (although not enough), and having our bartender from last year remember me;
  • cheering for Italy during Eurobeat - Almost Eurovision;
  • seeing The Black Seeds in The Famous Spiegeltent;
  • seeing Kirk Fox and (If.comedy Award-winning) Brendon Burns have a 'tache-off;
  • watching Mickey D strip naked and later snort beer out of another guy's scrotum (is this a high or a lowlight?).
Needless to say, it's been a couple of days of recovery and trying to deal with the waking up pre-noon (although I have yet to do this on two consecutive days since getting back to the UK).  My liver will thank me (as will my friends, who don't appreciate my gloating about not getting hangovers).
Now it's back to 'normality' and trying to motivate myself to plan my next move...

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