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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Too much excitement (or general stuff) in January

I can't believe we're nearly 3 weeks into 2009 already.  Things are busy slash exciting, so I'm just going to bullet point the notable events, knowing full well I won't come back to elaborate on them later.

Adding to the (sometimes) fun times:
  • 04 January - New flatmate moved in.  Have to work on a Sunday to make up for "three" (really just one) days off for New Year.
  • Early-mid January - Vague, slack preparation within the department for the dreaded end of year party.  Lots of projects with upcoming deadlines.
  • 15 January - Decided to go to Thailand to hang out with a friend of mine (sorry, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, London).  Booked the ticket at 3am.  Finally received some long-awaited items from the UK.
  • 16 January - Don't do much at work as we finally throw something together for the costume competition and 'performance'.  Don't get me started on how I feel about the Yankee Swap.  Party was not as abysmal as I expected.  I drew number 1 for the swap, and stubbornly kept my own present (although who couldn't love a pink sheep pillow?).  Party ended promptly at 10pm, at which time 90% of people went home.  I drank too much wine and was not functioning by 2am.
  • 17 January - My Chinese birthday.  Spent the weekend watching Firefly and Serenity.
  • 19 January - Find out another friend is going to be in Chiang Mai next week.  Very exciting!

And now the future stuff:
  • 20 January - The Obama inauguration.  Partying is planned for later.  Did you know that Obama-related words are at the top of the Top Words List for 2008 (according to The Global Language Monitor)?
  • 24 January - Working on a Saturday to give us time off during the week.
  • 25 January - Chinese New Year's Eve. 
  • 26 January - Day 1 of the Year of the Ox (and Australia Day).  Fly to Chiang Mai.
  • 27 January - I officially get older.
  • 30 January - Leave Chiang Mai, hopefully after good times a-plenty.
  • 31 January - Get back to Shanghai.
  • 01 February - Go to work on a Sunday, to make up for the time off for New Year.  Sense a pattern here?  Auckland gets a 3 day weekend for Anniversary Day.  I ... have to work.

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