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Friday, March 13, 2009

Speaking of literacy...

I'm really glad that the vast majority of my friends who choose to maintain some kind of web presence are literate and write quite compelling observations of their everyday lives and the world at large.

I'm relying solidly on Google Reader at the moment to keep up with them, but I've genuinely been enjoying learning more about various friends and their lives around the world this way.

I'm going to list these solely by location, because otherwise compartmentalising them is too much of a burden for me! If you're not listed here...maybe you should be posting more often!

I highly recommend all of these blogs (dammit, I was trying so hard to avoid that word), but for a lot of different reasons, so give one or two a go.

Canada / Victoria : Just a Normal Day [will be linked in the sidebar as soon as it lets me/I remember about it again]

China / Hangzhou : Below Heaven is Hangzhou [Same as above]

China / Wuhan : Packers to Pandas

Hong Kong SAR / Sha Tin: new territories

Hong Kong SAR / Sha Tin: Mandarin Orange You Glad I Have A Blog?

UK / Brighton: davers dot org

USA / Baltimore : Josephine Henneberry


josephine said...

Aw, thanks, Wendel. Now I feel like I really ought to be posting more. Good news: I think I feel that a significant portion of my brain has been returned to me! That should help with the whole coherence thing.

Dave said...

Yeah, I am pretty cool! Thanks for noticing! ^^