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Friday, June 12, 2009

It may just be temporary...

...but I can read blogs again!  Whee.  I have so many to catch up on, though.

Of course I can't actually visit the sites yet, but it seems that my feeds are working again.  Right now, anyway.

Come on, China, just go that little bit further and let me see some pictures.  That would be super duper.

In less dorky-slash-controversial news, I had a great visit to Chengdu to see some friends and some pandas (who I like to consider friends), my mum and her sister came to visit Shanghai, and I've just been generally stupid busy with work, socialising, and other random commitments.  All the visits have been wonderful, but slightly exhausting in that they have all been in the same few weeks.  My friend Alex is in town this weekend, and as soon as I've said goodbye after having a super fantastic time with him, I'm going to hibernate in my apartment for a couple of days.  I need sleep.

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