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Friday, November 11, 2005

Back in Civilisation (not for long)

Well I just arrived back in Melbourne less than an hour ago.  We are going to take advantage of the city and go for gourmet pizza for lunch!
I have had far too much happen to me over the last couple of weeks to really get it all in here, and will try and do some writing in the coming days.
I did have a too close encounter with a MASSIVE spider out in the bush the other day.  We were collecting firewood and apparently he didn't want us burning his house.  I managed to get rid of him with a huge stick, after some screaming and dropping of logs etc.  I will not miss the creepy crawlies!
Flying to Tasmania tonight for a new leg of adventure with different companions.  The girls have been fabulous, there were no bitch fights or anything, which is phenomenal really. 
I will say goodbye to the '92 Telstar (nicknamed Tiger) and look forward to picking up the '94 Laser tomorrow!

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