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Monday, November 28, 2005

Things I learned over the wedding weekend

Back in Auckland, NZ
  1. A surprising amount of my high school/university peers are engaged, married, and/or with children.
  2. A not so surprising, but extremely large number of them, are professionals.
  3. The above never fail to make me feel like a nomadic bum.
  4. They are all jealous anyway.
  5. It is nice to have different style weddings when you have two on subsequent days.
  6. It is even better that they are completely separate so the same outfit can be recycled.
  7. I love that outfit.
  8. Three consecutive nights in high heels after 6 weeks in trainers and flip flops plays havoc on calf muscles and feet.
  9. Drunken uncles of the bride want hugs goodbye even if you've only just met them.
  10. A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and a glass of bubbles in the afternoon is more than enough for me.
  11. It is possible to have a hen's night without completely embarassing the bride-to-be.
  12. Random guys at bars know the words to Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" (aka the Bodyguard song). They chose the song for the serenade, and also finished it when the bride-to-be only sang one verse.
  13. A singles table can be composed almost entirely of lawyers and engineers (the exceptions being myself and a vet student). Guess which faculties the bride and groom were in!
  14. The groom crying will inevitably make everyone else in the room teary.
  15. It is possible for the bouquet to hit (and richochet off) the least likely girl in the room to be getting married (i.e. moi). The rest of those bitches made me pick it up and take it home.
  16. Cynical as I am, romance is not dead.
  17. The verdict is still out about chivalry (ha, bet Chris doesn't read this).
  18. I'm still not going to pay any attention to that damn bouquet.


pax said...

good morningg...
yawn, just had lunch and I am already sleepy!!!!!


I am so so happy, it is in the centre of the city.....

sort of rich now!!!!

lol lol lol

takin chances said...

They are all jealous, anyway. I wish I was a nomadic bum. : )