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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Get it off, get it off!

Just when I was starting to miss writing about those not-so-rare problematic tables in restaurants ...
I had a table come in the other night when I thought we weren't taking any more people.  I still can't get used to the Turkish way of accepting every person they can squeeze money from, no matter how late it is or how small the bill ends up being.  I guess since they're not paying us hourly, they can do what they want.
The new table was a couple with a young child, maybe a year old (I am taking a wild guess at the age).  The father was quite normal looking, but the mother's look just screamed 80s crack whore.  They were Turkish, but she had peroxide blonde hair with four inch roots, crimped and pulled into a frizzy side ponytail.  Her black eyeliner was so thick it rivalled even Avril Lavigne's racoon face.  On second glance, the off the shoulder top was purely of my own imagination, but she was wearing a lot of white and very tight jeans.
As they were Turkish, I let the others take care of them and I carried on cleaning behind the bar. 
A happy but piercing child's laugh made me look up.  I have become almost accustomed to the non-existent health and safety standards here (more to come later), but when I saw the father helping the kid stand on the table, I couldn't help but scream internally ("Get it off, get it off!"). 
I had to look away.
Later, the strung out mother went to the bathroom, leaving the child (who was still on the table) in the care of the father. 
She was gone for about twenty minutes, and her food arrived during this time.  I already thought she was on drugs, and that didn't help matters.
She was the only one eating and I'm fairly sure they underpaid us when they finally left. 
There was food all over the table when I went to clean it up, and the baby didn't even touch the plate. 
I hope they don't come back!

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OhangaiBoy said...

Hi Wendy,

You really are having an experience of a life time, and I know exactly what you were thinking ... I was in Takapuna's Burger King on Saturday afternoon and there were lots of teenagers gathered around the table at the entrance of the shop and as I was getting me an ice-cream I noticed one of the guys fling himself onto the table, sitting there looking smug whilst chatting with his friends.

I just let it out, "Get off there!", and everything went silent inside. Even the staff behind the counter looked amazed. I got my ice-cream and as I walk out of the place, I said to this young man, "You sit on the dinner table at home>", he replied in a soft tone . . . "No." . . . then I said, "Well, don't do it here either, your family may want to eat of this one too."

Some people just don't have any scrupples do they.