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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Goodbye Göreme

As happens every single time, the space-time continuum seems to have been accelerated proportionate to the number of days I have left somewhere.
I spent so long here doing nothing, and then all the things to do caught up on me (although there are always more things to do when you are moving on, organising travel, buying presents and saying goodbyes.
Consequently I haven't been keeping my readers informed.  I am truly sorry and have all the best intentions of doing some serious writing once I am reunited with my laptop in London (yes, the mystery destination). 
I have so many things that I need to catch up on, as well as attempting to describe the entirely mixed feelings I have about leaving Turkey and this little town.
I am on a bus in a few short hours though, so will have to push this aside, hopefully just one more time!

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helen said...

Have a safe journey Wendy - Bon Voyage and happy entry back to London