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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The (not so happy) haps

I've started this post a couple of times already, knowing full well that I probably wouldn't publish it because I don't like writing when things aren't going so well [insert 'Awwww' here].  But such is life that it can't always inspire pure envy in my readers, and a girl must carry on.  I need to remind myself that things have been pretty damned sweet for me over the last several years [strike that: the majority of my life], and it's about time I had a few challenges to show me what kind of woman [gasp! When did I stop being a girl?] I've become.  Right?  Right.

The short* update:
  • Social - It's been difficult to meet people (although I have met some nice ones), and I did have a couple of friends living here for a while (even though I hardly ever saw them). Probably the social low point of my life so far, which is a little sad.  I've been lucky enough to have a couple of visits from friends transiting through Hong Kong, though.  I've become overly reliant on the internet for keeping tabs on loved ones, but hopefully it's just a phase (having few real-life friends, not keeping tabs on existing ones).  I'm especially grateful for those who keep me cyber company on a regular basis.  You know who you are.
  • Accommodation - I moved in with a bit of a weirdo after I got back from visiting Lise in China.  Lived with him a million miles away from everywhere for three long months (luckily Lise came to stay with me for one of those).  I'm now living with an American guy and a Chinese guy.  I pretty much have a whole floor to myself, and quite often get free dinner, so am generally pleased with the situation.
  • Work - is still chugging along at quite a slow pace. Part-time jobs with potential for much more work have remained part time.  Some positions have been essentially 'glorified entertainer', but I quite like that.  I've been paid to wear a lab coat, play with dry ice, make paper planes, set things on fire, make kids dizzy, blow bubbles, and high five small children.  I've taught kids from as young as 17 months (!), which is something I never anticipated doing.  Despite the lack of hours, I am quite enjoying the work, and my former intolerance for children has changed to a surprising (kind of) appreciation.  I've also started doing a bit of writing for a company in the UK, which helps to keep things varied and interesting. 
  • Family - My parents came over to visit for a few days just over a month ago.  It was really lovely to see them, and meet some of my mum's relatives from here and just over the border in China.  A bit of an exhausting weekend, but overall pretty fantastic (presents, free food, and a visit to a theme park: who could ask for more?).  In more sombre news, my paternal grandmother passed away two weeks ago, after a relatively short stay in hospital, but a couple of years of gradual decline.  My sister, cousin, and I got to listen to the funeral service via the magic of the internet, but it still doesn't really change the fact that we aren't at home.  She led an amazing and fruitful life, and I will be dedicating a future post to rewriting her eulogy.  
The long, rambling, introspective update will possibly follow, but going on what I know of myself, may never happen.  Cross your fingers or thank your lucky stars (whichever is appropriate). 

*Comparatively short, as this is updating over three months.

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