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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


About me:
I've finished moving in to my new place in the middle of nowhere (not really nowhere, but good luck to me if I want to either get in to the city or get out of it at any but regular people hours), and it's all good so far. I am enjoying being able to cook what I want, when I want; leave my things in the bathroom; walk out the door and not have to wait for an elevator; and see the sky! Also, I'm enjoying being able to waste all my time on the internet (more about this below).
As for work, unfortunately there's a strain (or more) of flu going around that has caused sufficient damage for all the primary schools to be closed until at least after Easter. This means bad luck for me, as I am teaching primary school kids. I'm still waiting for news about some secondary classes (which scare the crap out of me), but as yet, no news.

About my online presence:
Well, as Facebook has pretty much taken over my online presence (scary, but true), I have neglected to maintain other sites. I hardly ever look at my Blogger page, because I send everything to it by email. Tonight I decided to take a look, update the old links and whatever, and apparently my Yahoo!Geocities page, and all my photos on Kodak Gallery have been deleted because of inactivity. I really don't remember getting any email notifications about this, but I didn't really use them anyway, and I doubt many people (but secret stalkers, I know you're out there) will miss these links. Meanwhile, most of the important stuff is on Crackbook.

About wasting time on the internet:
Unlimited internet, no job, being out of the city, and looking at Luke's very entertaining blog, Playing the Cancer Card, all add up to me spending far too much time surfing and losing hours on websites I didn't know existed until last week (oh, and YouTube). I've added some of the blogs to the links in the sidebar, but I'll recommend (or just generally point out the existence of) the following:

Blogs and articles and random websites:
  • Anyone Else But You - Michael Cera and Ellen Page cover a Moldy Peaches song at the end of Juno (my favourite movie of the year so far). Completely cute.
  • You Can't Stop The Beat - The finale from 2007's Hairspray (my second favourite movie of the year so far).
  • I'm F*cking Matt Damon - Sarah Silverman's video for Jimmy Kimmel (Matt Damon dancing in overalls is hilarious).
  • I'm F*cking Ben Affleck - Jimmy Kimmel's reply totally out-celebs the Matt Damon video.
  • Eagle vs Shark trailer - Taika Waititi's 'awkward love story'. Love it.
  • Lease - The Musical - I thought I'd posted this, but apparently not. The NZ 48 Hour Film Competition winner for 2007. Time-restricted musical comedy genius (and by friends of mine!).
  • Two Cars, One Night Part One and Part Two - Taika Waititi's Academy Award-nominated black and white short film. I hadn't seen it till today, and it's so extremely Kiwi that I'm not sure anyone from outside of New Zealand would entirely understand what the kids are saying. I loved it, of course. The actors are too much, girl, too much.
I hope there's something there for everyone, dick, I mean, boy.

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