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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New fitness/life project: Pǎobù, Panda! // 跑步,熊 猫! // Run, Panda!

My main project for the year so far has been me. I've finally gotten around to trying to improve my general health and fitness, and one of the things I did recently was get a pedometer gadget to measure how much walking I do every day. It's been really motivational and I've done over 500km already. The other day I was inspired to record this journey as a virtual walk across China (to start), with maps and graphs and the like. Now I feel like I've 'wasted' those first 500km, but oh well. It would be cheating if I said I was already so far down the road.

Anyway, my new blog is Pǎobù, Panda!, which means Run, Panda! Also, it has alliteration. Things will be cross posted to Twitter (@PaobuPanda) if you want an easy way to follow me. I'm still working out the format and what sort of information it will include (distances, times, things of interest that I 'pass', general weight loss/health stuff), but hopefully it will be both motivational and interesting.

In case you didn't realise, China is pretty freaking big! It should take me about 6 months to do the first leg I mapped out, which is nearly 1500km. But I'm sure I'll be in Xi'an in no time. 

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