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Friday, December 16, 2005

Polishing my halo

Well, it's official folks.

I received the most votes for the "Best Service" category as well as the most votes overall in the inaugural Employee of the Month election. This consequently makes me Employee of the Month.

I know Jones will say that this is a prime example of being both a winner and a loser at the same time. But I will say back that it was entirely voted for by the floor staff so I am just enjoying the love. I was also mentioned several times in the "Best Team Player" category, which is nice. I hope nobody nominated me for "Most Improved" (I like to think I am close to perfect all the time).

I will bask in my own glory for the next couple of days until everyone gets sick of me metaphorically high-fiving myself (which reminds me, I was at the bank the other day and when she confirmed that I would be getting a 10% discount on my travel insurance, the bank lady high fived me. How weird is that?).

To be completely honest though, if I didn't win "Best Service", I would have been quite upset. I then would have blamed it on the fact that I'd only been back for one day of the month in question (ha, I am 30 times better than everyone else. Joke, but only if anyone from work reads this).

So now I just have to find the time to use the three course lunch for two voucher and double movie pass during my last mad week of being in New Zealand. I'm sure I can find a couple of hot guys to volunteer for these activities at short notice.

I also want them to start one of those cheesy American Megacorporation style "Employee of the Month" photo walls. That would be hilarious.


Michelle said...

Dude, I can think of a certain French-Canadian who I'm sure you would LOVE to use up that three course meal with! You could spend the whole time chatting about how he's the first target of Stalkers R Us! It would be awesome!

And seriously, you should take in a framed picture of yourself all ready for the restaurant's Employee of the Month wall. It would be wrong not to!

Jadedoel said...

Oh ma darling, you are so talented. I wish I was there to give you some compotision, lol. You deserve it. I shows you just how much we all love you. GO WENDY WOO HOO!!!!!!!
love ya babe.

Merry Christmas.