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Monday, February 20, 2006

Bangkok 100 Rock Festival blows goats (for wooden nickels)

I just had to use that title so anyone searching for the festival will find this entry...

My friends and I had the great good fortune to be around Bangkok for the two days of the Bangkok 100 Rock Festival. We got to see some fabulous British rock bands live, namely Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol, Placebo, Maximo Park and Ian Brown (oh, and Oasis were there as well). Asides from Oasis, who I think I am slightly prejudiced against due to the Gallaghers being such right tools and not even changing their look since their glory days, all of the bands played fabulous sets, with Snow Patrol and Franz Ferdinand being the stand-out acts.

Unfortunately the actual festival was a right shambles. The logistics and organisation were shockingly bad on both days, albeit in different ways.

On the first day:
  • There were no wrist bands on arrival, although there were three separate "classes" of tickets
  • Beer only lasted an hour or so (three taps to serve a whole mess of wannabe drunken Brits)
  • You couldn't buy whisky without registering first, but if you registered you could get it for free
  • Beer was available from touts outside the venue who could throw it over the 3 foot high fence to you (this settled the Brits somewhat)
  • You had to buy coupons which only bought beer (not whisky) and only some of the food
  • The merchandise tent was all but non-existent, and you could only get a t-shirt by winning one

On the second day:

  • Still no wrist bands
  • No beer from the beginning
  • Hessian put up around the fences to stop beer coming in, but beer still came in
  • Vodka tent ran out of vodka because there was no beer
  • Security tighted tenfold on the entrance to the arena area - not even water bottles or ice cream cones were allowed in. We had to risk dehydration in case a water bottle was used as a projectile. People found with bottles on them were forcibly removed from the performance area.

The organisers only managed to excel in two areas: the food was good, and the cleanliness was excellent. I have never seen such impeccable port-a-loos either. I have also never seen port-a-squats, but that's another issue altogether ...


Michellllllllllllllllllle said...

Dude, that sounds like it rocked as much as Foxfest! But.. Placebo aren't British are they? If they are, I would like to formally disown them on behalf of my country. They SUCK.

Also, I would like to warn you now that Emma is the biggest fan of Oasis, she even likes them now, when they are rubbish. So, when you come to stay, beware of her freakish strength when stating the obvious about the 'musical' 'abilities' of Oasis.

Also, I've been thinking more about what there is to do in Norfolk, and have come up with:
going to 'Great' Yarmouth
seal watching in Blakeney
going to Thetford Forest (its.. a forest. With a lame maze)
playing semi-miniature golf

Exciting times, huh? Oh, and the Moscow State Circus is going to be in town when you are, if you want to go.

Roadtrip it is!

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