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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dining on the Mekong

I know I haven't written much about what I've been doing lately, but that's cause I've been too busy having fun. I had to register my disgust at the organisation of the rock festival though, I felt it was my duty!

So since being on Phuket I have: (T=Thailand, C=Cambodia, L=Laos)
  • Sea kayaked Hong Island off the coast around Krabi (T)
  • Had a full body massage (T)
  • Struggled my way through the hottest papaya salad I've come across (T)
  • Spent three days visiting the phenomenal Angkor temples around Siem Reap (C)
  • Had the bus ride from hell - 6 hours to do just over 200km of the bumpiest dirt road I've ever seen (C)
  • Gained several feet of air on said bus ride (C)
  • Congratulated a new dad while watching Canada vs Italy in (ice) hockey and getting a massage from a lady in a ladybar (T)
  • Went to the festival described below (T)
  • Ridden as the second passenger on a motorbike (i.e. the driver, then Angie, then me) (T)
  • Watched Lock Stock and 2 Fast, 2 Furious (why?!?) on the night bus to Laos (T)
  • Watched a bunch of Scottish guys get drunk on cheap Beer Laos (felt almost like Scotland) (L)
  • Got a triple room for 4.50USD (L)
  • Ate the best cinnamon bun I've had in forever (L)
  • Had a two course dinner and two drinks overlooking the Mekong, 4USD (L)
  • Really enjoyed two Lao guys playing a live BeeGees medley (L)
  • Hoped I won't get malaria (T, C, but especially L)

I think after only being in Laos for a day, and not really "doing" anything, it's one of my favourite places. The people are nice, the kids are really cute and don't try and sell you anything, the dogs look healthy, the scenery is beautiful, the food is awesome (they have real coffee and French-influenced baking) and everything is cheap!

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