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Friday, January 06, 2006

Hotel life is becoming too much ...

So here I am in a hostel again checking my emails.
Actually it's not too much for me but just found myself here hanging with the Moose man and my bro and sis. 
Shanghai is treating us well so far and we've had some Shanghainese food (interesting but the good kind), cold weather (slight snow yesterday which was exciting for the folks who aren't used to it) and crazy traffic jams.
I've met up with a couple of my friends, one from home and one from Canada via Edinburgh, and it's been somewhat trippy to see them here, and impressive and annoying that they can communicate with the locals and I can't!
Meanwhile, we're heading to Beijing tomorrow and hopefully having some cocktails in some fancy places tonight before we leave.
Oh and m sister got an automatic birthday cake from the hotel yesterday.  It was weird and full of fake cream.  But a nice touch.

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