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Friday, January 13, 2006

Jackie Chan and other things HK related

So here I am in Hong Kong, and I'm loving it so far. It's full of beautiful views, impressive architecture, bright lights, crowded streets and so many things to see. And cheesemeister Jackie Chan pictures all over the place (I heart you Jackie!).

Asides from having to sort out some annoyances from Beijing (having to buy a new plane ticket cause Cathay Pacific in Auckland screwed up (600NZD), being charged for a deposit I shouldn't have been charged for (220NZD), being served by a guy called Leona (priceless)), everything's been great. The weather is lovely and I don't have to wear three layers of clothing. The highrises are mad, and I've already spent too much money shopping (a pair of hiking boots and some Royal Elastics on the first day, but they were only about 160NZD for both!).

I wasn't able to update in Beijing because the rip-off hotel was charging 2.3RMB (about 50cNZ) per minute for internet. What a jip!

Beijing was awesome, asides from the few glitches that cost me a lot of money and time! We saw the Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Panda House, Great Wall of China, Ming Tombs, all the good touristy stuff. We also went to a cloisonne factory (copper frameworks with coloured enamel inlays) and a jade factory where the guide talked in a full on American accent. It was AWEsome. Unfortunately the food wasn't great on the tour, very western-oriented, and Chinese don't cook western so well. We did have street stall food though and it ranged from interesting to quite good. The night food market was buzzing, and there was everything from noodles, dumplings and candied fruit to skewered seahorse, snake, baby turtle and silk worm. I wasn't game enough to try the latter few ...

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