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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I have just said goodbye to the boys and gone CD shopping.  What a mistake.  30 CDs later ... thankfully mum sent me birthday money.  They are not real CDs, but hopefully most of them work and are not of too bad quality!
I have finally managed to upload some of the photos from this trip so far ... Just a hundred or so of the best ones, anyway.
You'll have to sign in to see them, but that shouldn't be a big deal ...
For pictures of the few weeks in China/Hong Kong, go to:
For some pictures of the saddest food we had and the most hilarious signs I saw (Chinglish abounds), go to:
Going to go and enjoy the quietude of my balcony now.  I have to leave at 5am to go to Phuket in the morning!

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helen said...

Have fun meeting up with Selena .. she's leaving Saturday