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Friday, July 14, 2006

Killing time

I know I haven't kept this up to date recently.  At all. 

Since getting back to Edinburgh I've been through various emotions about my unemployment, but mostly I have been taking full advantage of my renewed social life and sleeping all the times I'm not out (should sound familiar to anyone who's ever lived with me).  I turned entirely nocturnal and then decided that was too predictable and have been doing total all nighters instead.  In the two weeks I've been here I think I have only gotten to sleep in darkness two or three times.  Of course it's only completely dark between 11pm and 3am, but still ...

Anyway, my point - here are some photos I uploaded ages ago but never got around to linking.  They should keep you busy for a while until I can get other things online!

They're from a neighbouring town with some scary souvenirs, and also from a hot air balloon ride I did which was fantastic!

Sorry for those who've already seen them.  I'll have to put up new activities for you soon. 

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