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Thursday, July 20, 2006

New Series - Just call me Jack Bauer

For the few months I have had a half dozen or more partially penned, intelligent, reflective and/or observational pieces to post here.  They are still unpolished or unwritten and definitely still unposted. 
I have decided that to complete them all as well as give a recount of my recent trips I will need to revert back to the episode format and probably the trusty bullet point post.  Road trip first and then hopefully the rest. 

I wasn't going to post any of them until they were all finished, but then I realised that was a fool's errand and totally unfair for the readers who keep returning to find nothing new for weeks and would then be hit by a deluge of traveller's tales.  So enjoy the first ten or so!
P.S. The name "Jack Bauer" is just about all I know about the TV show 24 (and that the actress that plays his daughter is in the Godawful "House of Wax").  I wish this weren't the case as it seems a pretty interesting show.

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