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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Karma better get 'em

Those damn food colouring addicts.

Somebody stole my Irn Bru out of the fridge at work today!  And a box of liquid breakfast (eww, but it's neater than eating cornflakes in the car on the way to work) as well. 

I don't care so much about the Up and Go, but seriously, who would take my Irn Bru?  I had to go and buy that specially (I found a supplier of Irn Bru, Jaffa Cakes, and lots of other not necessarily orange British foods!), and was saving it for the inevitable day when coffee was just not enough.

The one Scottish guy I like thought I'd finally stopped teasing him and drunk it myself.  So unless he's a really good liar, he's clear.  That leaves ... several other Scots.  As I don't figure anyone else would know what it was and/or want it. 

The principle is important too I guess.  I thought I had left the stolen food issue along with the communal living ...

1 comment:

pat said...


Sorry about your Bru.....
But orange british food is baddd for you!!!
Miss you baby!!!