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Monday, March 12, 2007

Wendy does not like Flixster!

And you can tell it's serious because the title is in the third person!
Recently I foolishly registered for (don't do it!) as a bit of a timewaster and although I thought I was careful enough to uncheck all my email addresses before completing the registration, it still sent out invites to everyone in my address book, which included a fair amount of business addresses and other one-time email addresses that GMail had stored automatically for me (one of the few features I don't really approve of).
Naturally when I realised this, I was fairly mortified.  Probably not a big deal for most people, but the fact that I'd bothered up to 500 people with something I didn't even write myself is pretty significant!  So of course I wrote something myself to apologise for the faux pas and sent it on to those same people.
A week later, however, lo and behold they have sent another email, pretending that it was from me and that I said it was okay in the first place.  This is not the case!  So I have completely deregistered and do not endorse them in any way. 

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texgirl said...

flixster did the same to me. i'm scaning my computer and also had to send out apologies to everyone on my contacts list. i didn't even register. i just clicked on the link that was sent from someone i knew. i started the quiz and it was NEVER ENDING. i hope they don't send a second "invite" from me. is it legal for them to access your they now have my password? should i change it?