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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Another justification for my committment phobia

I have a lot going on in my brain at the moment. Sure, it’s never really a vast, imbecilic wasteland (thanks, Alex from The Apprentice, that was probably one of your better contributions to society), but I have had a little upheaval in my short-term planning (which equals long-term planning for me) and need to consider a lot of options that have only just wandered into my mind.

So before I take the plunge and begin to tell everyone afresh what’s going on, I need some time in my headspace to work out a new plan of attack. Thankfully I hadn’t told everyone in the world before a spanner was hurled into the works (a la the Passport Incident).

In the meantime, here’re a couple of miscellaneous thoughts I had recently:

  • In the throes of mild road rage, I wondered what crowded city streets would be like if pedestrians had their own horns. You could honk people that stopped suddenly or walked too slowly or didn’t bloody indicate before they turned in front of you and cut you off (yes, I get pedestrian rage as well). Of course you wouldn’t have a bubble to hide your expletives and abusive hand signals in, but I still think it’s an interesting concept. A lot of people need to take lessons in footpath etiquette, especially in big cities.
  • I was making a coffee in the staffroom this morning and overheard a couple of the dermatology doctors chatting. They were talking about a melanoma that DD1 had removed from DD2’s back (this is my basis for assuming they are derm doctors, by the way, as the other clinics here are respiratory and dental). Then DD2 told a story about how he had removed one of his own moles, giving himself a local anaesthetic etc. What?! I'm guessing it wasn’t a difficult one, but still … I thought it was weird.

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