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Monday, September 26, 2005

My last Monday morning

Well I didn’t get further than the title this morning since I suppose people getting paid is more important than keeping the internet up to date (this is very debatable, but I’m getting paid to do this job, so … ).

But it means that I can now say I’ve completed my last Monday morning for the foreseeable future! Hooray! I’m also having leftovers courtesy of the lovely Jade. We went out for Chinese after work last night, but none of us were very hungry. I got to try a frozen lychee drink (I still don’t know what the name of it is, Jade ordered for me) and caught up on sorting out all the work gossip and lies I had missed out on lately.

The weekend was mostly filled with work and errands, asides from a dancing jaunt after work on Saturday night. I was subjected to the Globe (a backpacker bar which is a cross between the Globe and downstairs at the Tron, both in Edinburgh) and had an okay time despite being forced to associate with (or at least stand nearish) the only person from the restaurant who doesn’t like me (henceforth known as AG – Australian Goober, not to be confused with AJ, Aussie Joe – ooh, I’d almost forgotten about him). AG referred to me as “That Bitch” on Saturday night, which I’m quite pleased about. It means he doesn’t want to work with me either, and it also means that he’s a little more astute and perceptive than I thought (I am always at least a little condescending to him, if not outright bitchy or mean). I don’t really mean for it to happen, it just does. I am hoping to increase his debating skills so that he has a backup comeback when “Whateverrrr!” doesn’t work (who am I kidding, it never works, especially if you’re not a Valley Girl).

Last night I picked up a shift and ended up having to train the new guy. I usually end up with jobs like this because nobody else has the patience. I think I only pretend to have the patience. Newbie was SO SLOW. Either that or he was spending a lot of time hiding in the toilets, ‘cause he sure as hell wasn’t in section doing his job. I was too busy doing both of our jobs to berate him enough, so I have resolved to be harder on him if there is a next time. If only to whip him into shape for the sake of everyone else. I’m leaving in two weeks, so I don’t really care if he and AG decide to form an Anti-Me Club.

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