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Friday, September 02, 2005

The toothpaste buzz

Whenever I'm extraordinarily knackered, brushing my teeth before bed always wakes me up a little bit, which is quite frustrating. I understand that it's the minty thing that energises you, but it's still somewhat annoying. I decided to use the force to write a quick post before the 16 hour workday on the 4 hours of sleep overpowers me ... also, please forgive the lack of editing, my brain's not in the ON position.

I went to the dentist on Wednesday. I had decided to boycott the dentist I saw last year due to the wisdom teeth issue, and Julie my new dentist is really pretty cool. She sorted out a couple of things for me, and I came out of there with a couple of new fillings, a numb cheek and another increase in my credit card expenditure.

I spent the rest of Wednesday with Simon, making the most of the glorious sunshine and the fact that we actually got to hang out with each other. We went to the beach, ate ice cream (with awful awful coffee), went shopping, saw Sin City (finally! I really enjoyed it, but it really did seem incredibly long and full of waiting for people to die horribly. Elijah Wood was also uber-creepy in it), had Melt pizza (oh so so good), watched the Fifth Element on DVD (geez, it only took me about 8 years to see that film), ate cheesecake and drank wine. It was pretty much a perfect day, especially after the anaesthetic wore off and I could eat food.

Also, within three days I got to go to two different beaches on two different coasts (with two different Simons!) and the weather was stunning. So, so happy.

I also managed to totally screw my sleep "pattern" again, so have been surviving on too little/too much. I also managed to forget, in my haste, to put baking soda in my second attempt at carrot cake. Fatal mistake. Those Orbit people do not know how lucky they are with their light and moist, not stodgy and flat, cake.

On Thursday night I had a middle-aged woman do a really decent impression of a screaming harpie for a really long time, partially at me, but mostly at my manager (heh). I think she just really wanted to be mortally offended by something (maybe because her kids were such demons and she'd yelled at them enough already), and proceeded to yell so half the restaurant could hear that she thought she had been kicked out before she could even have dessert. I think I actually got pity tips from some of my tables who heard her ridiculous performance. Of course, she was right about some things, although I blame all of those things on others ...

Today was day 1 of a 6 part series of mind-numbingly-boring-no-outlet-for-skiving data entry. Blah. I am so taking my own music in on Monday so I don't have to listen to the Classic Hits No Repeat Work Day. Since when has Coolio's Gangster's Paradise been a classic hit? Although hearing my middle-aged female supervisor singing along was kind of hilarious. There was also a farewell morning tea (I'll jump on the goodbye bandwagon for some free cake), and office antics which involved a Saffa squashing himself into a wheelie bin which then fell over. Eventually he managed to jump out and scare his target so much that she screamed and spilled her coffee all over his farewell card. Comedy.

The highlight of my shift at Orbit was finding out that I've been credited for drastically changing the direction of someone's life (for the better, of course). I'm extremely humbled.

Lexicon update: I have noticed that since leaving Canada and coming back to NZ, the incidence of the word "super" in my speech has decreased dramatically, almost inversely proportional to the level of usage of the word "bro", which is still climbing. "Awesome" is still one of my favourite words, and "dude" still occurs frequently. I do say "sweet as", like any good kiwi, but feel free to slap me if I say "chur" (don't even ask if you don't know what it means, you are better off in the dark, especially as it is ridiculously hard to explain this concept).

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