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Friday, September 16, 2005

I love free baked goods

Last night was my first night with the new menu. I spent a joyful first half hour or so with it and my red pen, proofing and highlighting all their mistakes (funny word, proof. As is much, which I realised today). I’m a geek but I do get such happiness from pointing out the errors of others. I had to train someone to be a senior waiter, which was interesting with the new menu and the consequent kitchen delays. She was better than I thought she’d be, but I think I was also extra bubbly and lovely which underlined to my guests who was really the best. There was almost a fist fight between two of the waiters, and I was sick, but despite all these things, I was in a really good mood. I must have been high on Phenylephrine.

I think that the woman I’m covering for is a little fruity and weird. She doesn’t seem to deal with stress very well, and this is definitely not the sort of environment she belongs in. Apparently she’s an actress of sorts, but fell into this job after temping for a while. I hope that doesn’t happen to me!

Highlights of my day so far:
  • Free muffins! Carrot and pineapple, carrot and something else, pumpkin and pecan, banana, chocolate, blueberry, some other kind of berry … tried most of them and wished I could taste better today (still sick) cause they were yummy.
  • Got paid for doing probably 3 hours of running around today and yesterday (two trips to the city hospital, running over to payroll a few times, drinking coffee, etc).
  • Someone yelled out “Jesus!” to me while I was having lunch. I had my devil horn hoodie up cause it had been raining. I don’t get called Jesus very often.
  • Completed a World Famous in New Zealand quiz. Stumped by some rugby references, but got there in the end. The link is for an Excel file download. I think non-kiwis will find it pretty difficult, but feel free to try it!
  • No supervisor!
  • Not desperately needing the decongestants I accidentally left at work last night.

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