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Friday, October 28, 2005

Happy Camper

Currently in Adelaide, South Australia

Having internet so few and far between has really been convincing me that I need to buy a laptop if I want to actually document any of the adventures we're having along the way.

We departed on Monday from Melbourne and spent the first few days along the Great Ocean Road, braving wind and rain and enjoying the intermittent sunshine.

The first night we spent in a rainforest, miles away from any sort of civilisation, running water and electricity. Of course we forgot a lot of essentials like sleeping mats, pillows, fuel for the burner, fire lighters, a few tent pegs, enough fresh water ... But it was a beautiful place. It was a valley that flooded in the 50s after a landslide, and is supposed to be a haunt of platypuses. We didn't see any, even though we looked really hard. We also neglected to put seam sealer on one of the seams of the new tent, so the inside was a little damp in the morning. On our way out was the first time we noticed the sign that said "Campsite Temporarily Closed". Oops.

I have no time left ... but will endeavour to note down more of the better stories. From here in Adelaide we are heading up through the famous Barossa Valley wine region to sample some vino, up to Coober Pedy, the underground mining town, and then up to Uluru (Ayer's Rock)! We didn't think we'd get anywhere near there so it's very exciting. More to come ...

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Wendebular said...

I am at an underground internet station! At an underground campsite! I am sleeping in a cave tonight near an opal mine in Coober Pedy, South Australia, and it is the coolest thing I remember doing in ages. I haven't had phone reception for days and I'm trying to deal with it. Also have no java so can't post this properly. Having a wicked time though, it is phenomenally beautiful out here.