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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Off to see the Wizard

Well I’m off again.  Just had an hour of sleep and then a shower and a coffee, which will have to do me til I get into my seat on the plane.  

I went out for a lovely dinner on Friday night (mate dates with hot guys are second only to real dates with hot guys) and then met up with friends from Edinburgh who came into the city and saved me the drive (yay).  Had a brief but very nice catch up with them before they had to depart for sleep/airport (I should be so disciplined).  After that was a visit to a party, which was nice and chilled but ran late too.

Yesterday I woke up around lunchtime and tried to get my packing sorted.  Again.  I actually got some things into my backpack this time though which was productive.  Before I knew it my ride had arrived though and I was off to dinner and Sing Along Sound of Music with a few girlfriends.  It was absolute hilarity for the most part, so many people had dressed up (nuns, goats, brown paper packages, snowflakes on eyelashes, the hills, etc etc) and there were all sorts of actions and interactive bits during the movie.  But damn that movie is long, especially when you add in costume prizegivings and teaching us how to boo Nazis.  Afterwards I went up to the restaurant and had a few glasses of wine and did some general hanging out with people.  A trip out to the suburbs and then home, and it’s bloody 4am.  How does that happen?

Time to go now … hopefully I’ll be able to post semi-regularly from the road in Oz.  Til then, email me and whatnot …

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