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Friday, October 14, 2005

Here's my card ...

I got my Pleasure Cards in the mail yesterday.  They may sound dodgy, but they’re not business (i.e. pleasure) cards.  They are very cool, and just have my email address on them (as my phone numbers etc are always changing depending on where I live).  The website allows people to store a profile online, including more contact details, photos etc.  They even gave me a free set that I wasn’t expecting.  I am so stoked with that.

This is just a short post because I have a huge mountain of laundry to sort through as part of my packing process.  

I am hopefully going to meet up with a few friends from Edinburgh (i.e. I met them there) tonight.  Unfortunately they’re all based just outside of Auckland, but this means I might get to go on a mini trip to catch up with them.  Fun fun fun.

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