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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Party Party Party

Monday was very busy, but mostly in an unhurried way.

My first appointment was at the hairdresser. She is also a co-worker, so we had plenty to chat about, especially with the staff party later on that night. She totally Asian-ed up my hair, making it poker-straight (which never lasts) with caramel highlights. I’m still surprised at how light it is, but I’m getting used to it. It looks good, and it’s not Asian Orange.

We had lunch together and then I did some shopping, ran some errands, scored free coffee from my sister’s café and met a friend for a hot chocolate (I’d already had three coffees by that point). I bought this bag with the aid of a gift certificate from Ms Sullivan and Smoove, personalised care of Edward Monkton and Ms Bond. It is awesome. I also ordered this bag, which is a great combination of chemistry and comedy. I am a geek and I will have to wait 6-8 weeks to start proving it to the public.

I picked up my last lot of tips (a fat wad of $5 notes, to make me feel richer?) and made it home just in time to get ready (including a minor wardrobe crisis), get back to the city to meet one of the girls and drive to Non Solo Pizza in Parnell for dinner. Dinner was quite a civilised affair, eleven of us who weren’t working that night. We had three courses of great Italian food with wine, and it was just a pity that the service didn’t quite compare (we weren’t being too judgmental, honestly). Unfortunately we ended up being “those people” – the large group who order desserts and cheese after everyone else has left and then all pay individually by credit card. We also somehow managed to be minus nearly $60 after everyone else paid, so one of the girls and I were out of pocket a bit more. And I forgot to get the parking validated. Gutted.

We headed down to the bar for the party shortly after 11pm. I expected far fewer people there since service usually finishes around that time, but the tiny venue was quite busy. We all got our hands full of free drink tokens and ordered some cocktails. I really enjoyed seeing everyone without the pressure of work, and even managed to smooth over a couple of minor conflicts that had occurred in the past (I am still “that bitch”, however). There was much less drama and drunken debauchery than I had anticipated too, which is always a good thing (not that I will be there to hear all the gossip this week). I took advantage of the free drinks and taxi home, although not to quite the same vomit-inducing stage that a couple of the girls did.

I think it was partially due to the fact that there was no dance floor (and the drinks were free) that people got so drunk so quickly and a lot of them left quite early on. I stayed right til the ugly lights came on (as I am wont to do), immersed in a deep and meaningful at the back of the bar. I think I managed to tell everyone that I’m coming back to save them for Christmas, mostly because I couldn’t stand to hear them beg me not to leave. So sweet but so sad. I didn’t cry!

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