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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

2005: A Summary (hopefully not an Odyssey)

The "real life" (i.e. job) stuff:
  • Still working at Orbit as a waitress three nights a week. Been promoted etc (they appreciate me, they just have yet to show it in a monetary way) and widely acknowledged for my fantastic skills.
  • Worked at King's College as a database monkey for a few months. No wonder private schools cost so much, all the money must go to the fabulous food we had every day.
  • Currently working for Auckland District Health Board in an administrative capacity. Still not 100% sure what I should be doing, but it's probably not starting a blog ...

The personal stuff:

  • Doing the "living at home cause I'm saving money and not here for that long" thing. But hey, I have food, my old room and my dad's old car, so no complaints!
  • Have met some great people this year, the high staff turnover at Orbit is good for something! Not so many as the previous four years of course, but good quality nonetheless.
  • Having some issues with co-ordinating my work, social, home and free time. My family hardly ever sees me, and I can say as much for my old friends. I'm trying though!
  • Personal stuff, I really won't put on here ... you'll have to ask me yourself!

The fun stuff:

  • Started the year out with a two week road trip extravaganza to the South Island and back. It was packed with fun times, laughs, High Street reunions, drinking, games, music, a rodeo, sunshine, gorgeous scenery, tiny old men pubs, lake swimming, car breakdowns (not the '82 Sigma nicknamed the Tard, though) and a ridiculous amount of toasted sandwiches. Kids came from all over NZ, Oz, the states, Guatemala and the UK (via SE Asia) for the fabulous party at the Palace in Lauder.
  • Sick of the daily grind, Carter and I decided to head over to Melbourne for a weekend in May. It was Marianne's last weekend in town and Sally May's birthday, and we had rather a huge reunion there again. We saw the Vasco Era, drank Manuka Honey vodka, ate great (and cheap!) pizza, had Jaffa Cakes (thanks Michelle, from people who appreciate them!), went dancing at a skank bar (photos) and I spent a lot of money on things like shoes, watches and perfume. Caught up with Jared and Sarah too, which was lovely.
  • Tagged along with a couple of Brit boys (easier than saying one is English and one is Welsh) for a few days up north a few weeks ago. I was happy cause not only did I get to get away from Auckland and work, I got to drive a lot, see more of my country and catch up with some relatives. We stayed with my aunt, uncle and cousin who were all were fantastic. They took us around the area (my uncle knows everything about everything and everyone up there) and fed us loads and loads. We did a cheesy jet boat thing, went through the Hole in the Rock (it's a hole in a small island that you can fit a jet boat through), saw seals, hiked around Urupukapuka Island (supposed to be a 5 hour walk but we did it in under 2.5, I thought I was going to die, there were so many hills!) and then got the ferry back to the mainland (got to meet the Captain, thanks to Jonesy!). We also did a day tour up to Cape Reinga (top of the North Island where the Pacific meets the Tasman). The tour guide was slightly insane, but really good and he told us loads of stories. We drove up 90 Mile Beach on the bus, saw wild horses, went sandboarding down a massive sand dune (I was totally freaked out, but did it and it was so much fun. I also didn't stack it like I thought I would), went to another beach for lunch (where the tour guide and some mad English guys went swimming - it's winter for Christ's sake), had fish and chips, saw a cheesy kauri wood factory and some really big trees. Asides from having to wake up at 6.30am (!) to get the bus, it was a great day. On our way home we went to see the oldest buildings in the country (from the 1820s, laugh it up Poms) and a chocolate factory before heading back to Auckland via some random small towns and Waipoua Forest which has the biggest and oldest trees in the country (4000 years old, much bigger and more impressive than the oldest houses!).
  • I've also been to a few shows (Danny Bhoy, finally!), movies, parties and the like. I have yet to do the Sky Jump or Vertigo, and must get on that while I can still try and score them both for free!

The future (i.e. unknown) stuff:

  • I still plan to head over to Melbourne in early October (it has been pushed along a few times already, it's just so hard for me to commit!!).
  • I am going to the Falls Festival with a bunch of kids for new year, provided we all get tickets of course.
  • Next year I plan on heading to Turkey for the SoulClipse festival. How can I turn down the opportunity to see a solar eclipse and have a big party at the same time? So I will be heading through the UK around March as well, but more plans to come (hopefully). [Thanks Jasmin for reappearing in my life just when I needed you!!]

So all in all, I still have no idea what I'm doing, but at least there are a couple of things on the horizon! The last few months have been extremely up and down for me emotionally and with regards to the future, but I'm generally doing okay (especially with the help of a few good friends, both here and away!). This is the first August since 2000 when I haven't been in the UK (and the last three were at the festival in Edinburgh), so I'm finding the rain and cold a little hard to deal with. But I'm soldiering on!


Jasmin said...

:) Yay! It'll be super groovy if you do come Wendy! Wait, there is no if! You ARE coming!! How could anyone resist?? It'll be so much fun, Turkey sounds like a fascinating place to explore... there is a place where you can stay in tree huts apparently! Yay!! Completely merry meet again!!!

Curious1 said...

I love roadies... I think it's great ur out there living to the fullest.