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Monday, August 15, 2005

Pre-caffeine rambling

So a few days in and I've already realised that attempting to update this daily was overly ambitious. Especially when my weekend involved a lot of work and a house party that has left me much the worse for wear, unable to type and struggling not to spill my coffee (why doesn't my office have a bartender who can make me coffee on demand, like Orbit does?).

BUT I am happy to have a readership of sorts, and thanks to everyone who has supported this new venture by coming to have a wee look.

I have just found out that I will only be at this job for another two weeks (although to be fair, there isn't much for me to do right now). So I have to make decisions about what I'm going to do after next week. I think I will take another two or three weeks of temping and then just waitress til I leave, which is hopefully the first week of October. Any hints and tips from people about what to do when I get to Melbourne will be greatly appreciated!

The birthday party I went to on Saturday was loads of fun (after we finally arrived in our three car convoy - I was the only one who knew how to get there). One of the boys wore hot pants (which were indeed hot), and it was nice to have conversations with work people that didn't go along the lines of "I can't believe what that customer wants/did/is doing/said/is wearing ... " or "Where are my entrees/mains/desserts/drinks/knives and forks/glasses/side plates ...". I also found out that one of the guys has been complaining about how much of a bitch and how mean I am to him all the time (I had to tell him to leave a couple of my friends alone on Saturday cause he doesn't know what a hint is). I can't help it though, he frustrates me no end by being a complete gumby in every single situation I see him in. If he could at least stop calling me Amy, that would improve his status a little (although he would still need to learn life skills and common sense).

Things that make you go hmmm? [Personalised Plates]:
  • MULVAS - has anyone seen that Seinfeld episode where he's trying to remember his girlfriend's name (that rhymes with a female body part)? Is anyone really called Mulva?
  • FARTER - I just don't get why you'd put that on your car...

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