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Friday, August 12, 2005

Stamp of Approval

This also kept me entertained the other day. It might be mean, it might be a scam, but anything that makes fun of Creed is totally worth it!

Quality name that you have to be German or a comic book supervillain to pull off: Magnus. (Okay, so that's Ultramagnus, but I couldn't resist the Transformers reference)

Triple J - Every Australian will be like "Duh", but I would just like to show my support for a great radio station, especially as I can't stream radio here and I haven't listened to it for months. I miss Jay and the Doctor!

WAYN - Where Are You Now? Cause even I sometimes forget where all my international buddies are ... Much better than frickin' Hi5 which is bugging me at the moment.

[Girls only]: The Diva Cup or The Keeper. It will save you money, space, hassle and it's good for the environment. Check it out, it will change your life! [This is not an infomercial, and I'm not prone to promoting "feminine hygiene" products, I just really think more people need to hear about this! It's also cheaper to order from Canada than to use the NZ/Oz suppliers.]

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Alyson said...

I once kissed a boy named Magnus, a cute Swedish bike courier. He was hot, but no superhero!