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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Vroom Vroom

So I picked up a shift at the restaurant tonight cause they promised me the person I want to work with, short hours and a couple of movie passes (can't hurt to ask, and they usually give me what I want).

When I turned up for work, the manager hadn't actually been told that I was coming in (although my movie tickets were waiting for me). But I told him who I wanted to work with (Welsh boy) and where, and alakazam people get shuffled around and I get what I want again. To use an outdated throwback phrase from the 90s: I rule.

This did have a downside however, as one of the waiters was around for that conversation and now he claims the manager plays favourites (I am everyone's favourite, but this is helped by the fact that I am personable and agreeable and good at my job).

The shift was great actually and I didn't finish too late. We had some really cool tables in, but unfortunately they weren't of the tipping variety (my busser went downstairs and bought batteries from the gift shop for an American couple on their honeymoon and we got tipped NADA).

Anyways, after we were all changed etc after shift, I ran into our ex-bartender and walked over to the carpark with him and the drama queen who called favouritism on the manager. During the short walk over, I managed to potentially get myself in trouble by complaining that Welsh boy was my Orbit gossip boyfriend (which is one of the rumours going around at the moment). I did say he was my "Orbit gossip boyfriend" though, which I'm pretty sure implies that we're not actually seeing each other. I hope I'm right. That rumour mill is ridiculous.

Anyway, I finally found my car, which was great since I thought I'd forgotten what floor I parked on. Meanwhile Bartender Boy and Drama Queen had already peeled out of the carpark, tyres screeching. I caught up with them at the lights, and Bartender Boy was in front. We raced up Hobson Street, which is a 4-6 lane one way street (awesome) with several sets of lights, and somehow I managed to beat them both to the top of the road, which is a goodly distance. Yay for the Chinese girl driving the automatic I say. I'm a good traffic dodger. At this point, Bartender Boy has turned off for home but I beat Drama Queen onto the motorway which he was so, so unhappy about. Again, I rule.


Myxhele said...

Dude, I can totally imagine you in 'The Fast and Furious: Tokyo'! (apparently its the new prequel). Although you'd have to check the hotness of the guys in it first, obviously.

Also, you really should be setting a good example for this learner driver. I suck already, you don't need to teach me bad habits like racing to the lights!

Wendebular said...

I would just like to confirm for the record that I don't actually condone drag racing. Even though I do get satisfaction out of beating boys at boy things. At no point did I personally engage in wheel screeching, ridiculous gear changes or engine revving. Cool.