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Friday, August 26, 2005

Mutton Flaps

I just heard a couple of ladies talking in the lunch room about eating mutton flaps. I'm pretty sure that this is reasonably standard fare for Pacific Islanders, but I must confess that I don't entirely know what they are. I have just looked them up, and supposedly they are the ends of chops that are sometimes used in blood and bone fertiliser. Correct me if I'm wrong. Personally, mutton flaps are only slightly more appealing to me than offal, but I think that that has something to do with the name being extremely unappetizing. Although "mutton flaps" has much more comedy value than "offal".

And it reminded me of a night at school camp when I was 16. They had overbooked the camp and myself and some of my friends had volunteered to sleep in the dining hall on couches and squishy platforms pushed together. For some reason the hilarity of the word "flap" came up in conversation (say "flap ... flaaap ... flaaaaaaap" and you will see), and we all laughed so much that one of the girls fell off her oversized ottoman, even though she had been lying down at the time. We all laughed some more.

Today is my last day at this office. This means a few things:

On the downside
  • No more internet at work. This means less updates, less emails and no more daytime Messenger. Gutted.
  • No more flexi-time and laidbackness.
  • No more having my own office.
  • Time off means I will have no decent excuses to avoid the dentist and optometrist.

On the upside

  • No more seeing anti-abortionist old men on the way to work (they weren't there today either, huzzah!).
  • I get home made carrot cake (although I have seen no sign of it as yet).
  • No more inane questions about stuff we've already covered.
  • This job is boring.
  • I have 4 days off next week!

For the record: Apparently, according to the Drama Queen, I didn't beat him to the top of the street. Although this is likely, I like my story better, and he also didn't see me til we were both on the onramp (he thought he'd left me way behind).

Supporting: John "Johnny" Barker is launching his solo career at the Ambassador Bar in Ponsonby tonight. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to make it to play groupie, but it's always nice to see friends doing brave things to live the dream.

Randomly: Boyz II Men is doing a farewell tour! I didn't realise you could still say farewell when you'd been gone so long. Apparently it is called the "Legacy Tour", but on the posters, it's called the "Throwback Tour". Throwback is right. Awesomely, which is my adjective of the day, they are being supported in Australia by an R&B group called Random.

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