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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Jump jitters

So I'm booked in to do the Sky Jump today after I get my hair cut. It just worked out that I was going to be in the city at the hairdresser anyway so I decided to go ahead and book a jump too. I haven't really thought about it too much and I think I've concluded that I'm more nervous about telling Sheree that I'm going to ruin all her good work straight after she's finished fixing my hair. Hopefully I will get the cheesy picture online to show everyone soon (and hopefully my boss has booked the jump and that I also don't freak out and pike on it either).

I am also happy to report that Marianne got her birthday present as planned. It was just groceries from Tesco, but I really liked the idea of a little Tesco man/woman/elf/gnome going around with my shopping list, picking things out and delivering them to her door (plus it included Jaffa Cakes, so who wouldn't be happy?). I am totally stoked with the results of international grocery shopping, and by the sounds of it, Maz was pretty happy too! But I am concerned about what happened to the McVitie's Caramel biscuits, they were a favourite of mine ...

And in the "What a waste of my time" section today - Daredevil. Seriously, I don't know why I watched it, and I kept asking myself that question every few minutes. I am definitely going to re-evaluate my seemingly depthless ability to watch utter crap on TV when I have a night off (also relevant is my getting hooked on Lost, the series). And having never really seen Jennifer Garner in anything (I already knew that Affleck (Ben, not Casey) is VERY hit or miss), I wasn't impressed. Perhaps because the Elektra character is a badass martial arts expert and I see Jennifer Garner as a girl-next-door type. Or maybe because the whole movie sucked some major melons (Colin Farrell also could have done some acting). Michael Clarke Duncan (The Kingpin) was the only decent part of the whole film.

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