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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Paradiso Margaritas

Just got back from dinner at the Mexican Cafe (Auckland's only real Mexican restaurant). Absolutely stuffed (tortilla chips and bean dip entree, chicken burrito main and a banana chocolate chimichanga for dessert), and I'm pretty sure it's the margaritas that are making me so sleepy. The Paradiso margarita is "homemade vanilla infused tequila, mango liqueur, mango, passionfruit & cream" - so delicious I might have to go back again for more. Luckily Bjorn was driving. Had a great night, and at some point during the dinner the restaurant turned into a pumping Brazilian night. Definitely on the "Wendy Recommends" list (maybe I should actually start one...).

Aly - sorry this isn't so exciting to start ... I'm pretty knackered!

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