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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter minus all the trimmings (except the chocolate)

Celebrating Easter is a little difficult in a Muslim country.
I had a theology student ask the other night whether any of the cave churches around were doing an Easter service, but had to tell him no.  Although I think for private reflection, any of the abandoned churches would be lovely to spend Easter Sunday in.
It is just another day here, a sunny Sunday where all the Turkish families load up their cars with picnic supplies and head for the nearest open space (of which there are many around here!). 
I keep forgetting about Easter altogether, there are no days off for me, and almost every non-Turk here is on holiday anyway.  However I did make the effort and go out and buy chocolate (in non-egg form) for everyone today.  That's usually the only way I celebrate anyway.
I hope all you partakers of westernised Christianity based statutory holidays are enjoying them!

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