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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Episode 3: In which we try and create an HQ in the rain

Location: SoulClipse
Date: 26/03/2006
By the time we had gotten to the ticket booth, unloaded the van, lost our driver, gotten our wristbands, waited for a bus, miraculously got all 12 of us on the same one, and arrived at the festival site, it was late afternoon.  The clouds had come in and we dumped our huge pile of belongings and sent some scouts out to find the perfect campsite.  Through a couple of misunderstandings and quick decisions, we had literally split into two camps.  I ended up dragging things to one camp, helping set up some tents to keep the bags dry, and waiting in the deepening twilight for people to come to a decision about our camp location.  As I didn't have a tent (I was hoping we'd find Mazz), I didn't really have a say in the matter. 
Most of us ended up choosing a hillside instead of a nice spot in the middle of the flood plains, and I had to do a couple of slightly scary treks through the dark, rain and mud, loaded up with pack, food and a lot of water.  Somehow Keith managed to carry his 40kg pack and another 20kg of water ... I was more than a little concered about his health! 
Mazz found us, luckily, and had to move the tent over.  We finally had a place to stay, and I am so, so grateful she brought the big tent!  We were on a slope as it was, so it was nice to at least have room to curl up next to my sprawling pile of stuff.
The two who remained in the flood plains joined us the next day, so we were one big happy family again!

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