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Monday, April 10, 2006

Episode 19: In which my direction changes

Location: Göreme
Date: 04/04/2006

I was walking down the main street of Göreme, looking for a nice place to have a table-for-one dinner. I just happened to run into some people that I'd met on the bus from Fethiye (we had hung out with them in Olympos and again at SoulClipse). They were going to meet some friends, who I had also met in Çannakale and naturally I decided to join them.

What followed was a lovely dinner in a cosy restaurant with great company. [I will post photos at some point, but basically the restaurant has an outside covered table area, tables and chairs inside the doors, and then on a raised platform, nine low, round, flat tables with huge comfy cushions to sit on (or sleep on, as my case has been).] After goodbyes to people leaving that night and the next morning, I went to a local bar with Hannah, a kiwi girl, and Diane, a lovely lady who sort of (not for legal reasons) works at the restaurant. I ended up having a hugely in-depth conversation with Diane, and later on Hasan the restaurant manager joined us. He offered me a job in exchange for a place to sleep, food, and the possibilty of a little money.

In truth, I had to think about it a lot. I was really looking forward to going back to the UK and had planned a lot of things to do and people to visit on my return. In the end, I decided I'd regret it more to miss such an opportunity to do something a little different. Also, it worked out a lot cheaper this way! Hopefully I will break even on the flight that I had to forfeit, but if not, I've already had a great time ...

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