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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Episode 16: In which we meet the locals

Location: Goreme and surrounds
Date: 03/04/2006
Mazz and I spent a great afternoon wandering around in Swords Valley, which was recommended to us by a local carpet seller.  We were relaxed after breakfast and massages from Habib, and had a good clamber around the rock formations.
We decided to head up to the Open Air Museum to check out the prices (10YTL), and when we were passing the carpark security booth, a man jumped out at us.
"THESE ARE FOR YOU!" he yelled, scaring the living crap out of us.
He had two bouquets of daisies strapped together with sellotape, which he handed to us.  We thanked him and walked on in a state of mild shock.
After that we seemed to meet every local vendor we passed, and had some interesting talks.  I still have to go back and visit a couple of them, but there's plenty of time for that now!

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