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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Episode 8: In which we protect our retinas and blow our minds

Location: SoulClipse
Date: 29/03/2006
The day of the eclipse dawned clear and bright.  A number of the keen ones went to a yoga session, but I somehow missed that for sleep instead.
We all managed to be together for the actual event, in the sunshine dancing away near the Liquid Stage (the new main stage).  I have to say that the group of people we had camping with us were all fantastic, and we got along really well, especially for mostly having met each other that week.  We ate vine leaves, spun our poi, drank our drinks and basked in the sun and the energy from everyone around us.
The eclipse was indescribable.  The music was shut off (intentionally this time) beforehand and to see everyone around looking through the eclipse glasses was a sight.  The moon covered the sun, the sky grew darker, the air turned cold and before we knew it it was dusk.  The "diamond ring" few seconds before totality were spectacular.  Suddenly we could take the glasses off and stared at the sun in amazement.  We had formed an energy circle with our feet touching and there were hugs, kisses, laughter, screams, silence and tears. 
A long two minutes later, the moon continued her trek past the sun.  Dawn arrived, and moments later we were in full sunshine again.  People were speechless, and then the music commenced.  Dancing and merriment ensued ...

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