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Monday, April 24, 2006

I've noticed a lot of hippies in town, is there a commune nearby?

Ah, it's funny you should ask that, straight-laced-looking-tourist.

There are a lot of hippies in town, but they are the tail end of the post-SoulClipse crowd.

Of the Antipodeans around, there are either the hippies (who are also Japanese and Israeli), or the living-in-London-pre-ANZAC-service crowd.

The difference between them is that the latter are likely to be dressed in sensible backpacker attire, and hardly to be seen with dreadlocks, ponchos or leg warmers.

There is somewhat of a base level of hippies here anyway, it's that sort of place. Something about lay lines or other matters I know little of. There is also an abundance of 40-something white women here "finding themselves". Their poor, abandoned children.

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helen said...

Enjoy Anzac Day - I hear there are thousands expected at the Cove