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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Episode 1: In which time itself plots against us

Location: Olympos
Date: 26/03/2006
We woke up early on the day of our departure from Olympos and the treehouses (i.e. cubby houses on stilts).  We sat for a while and wondered why breakfast was late (it was promised at 7.00 for those leaving at 8am).  Michelle went to make some enquiries, and not only was there no 8am shuttle bus like we were told, it was also nearly 9am - daylight savings had started overnight and none of us was any the wiser. 
Why was this the first we'd heard of it?
Luckily after much faffing, one of the guys working at the treehouses called a friend with a minivan and he carted us up the road.  We even made it just in time for our rendezvous in Antalya ...

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