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Monday, April 24, 2006

Some gum?

One of the boys offered me some "gum" today. 
I stupidly took him up on the offer.
It was white and hard-looking when I unwrapped it, and had some kind of a fortune on it.
As I attempted to chew, he explained that the wrapper said something about me looking at a boy or something (his English, whilst still way better than my Turkish, is pretty awful).  Hmm, how prophetic.
I have a tendency to steer away from gum because for some reason I am a habitual overchewer.  I chew until it gets to that awful, flavourless, concrete stage.  Maybe I am too lazy to throw it away.  But that texture is what puts me off gum.
Meanwhile, this fortune gum is my worst nightmare.  From the first bite it is a hundred times worse than that 10c pink tattoo gum we used to get as kids.  I persevere for a few mastications, mostly not to seem rude, but partially to try and work out what that awful flavour is. 
As soon as the gum profferer is out of sight, it pays a hasty visit to the bin. 
Mostly from the aftertaste I think I know what the flavour was - forest floor, with everything included.  Yuck.

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