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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Episode 7: In which I want to play with fire, and then meet the burnt Hungarian

Location: SoulClipse
Date: 27-31/03/2006
I will try not to rave on and on about fire performances and the like, but I did see some pretty interesting shows over the festival.  This served not only as entertainment, but to inspire me and remind me of what I can already do and what I want to do in the future.  It's easy to get stagnant when you're not around other twirlers.
I saw staff twirling on stilts, triple and quadruple staff, double staff and poi at the same time and some beautiful duet performances.  There were a lot of tricks I'd never seen before, and some very stylish spinners who were hard not to watch (not to mention one Aussie guy who was stunning before he started his amazing double staff).
Mazz and I met a few of the market vendors and had good chats with them about poi, fire and juggling.  Particularly memorable was Gora the Hungarian, who had some ingenious rubber ball poi handles (which I want), and some spectacular burns on his right arm.  If he's still keen on fire, I have no reason not to be!

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