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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Episode 2: In which we fill a minibus like the proverbial socks

Location: Antalya
Date: 26/03/2006
A couple of our newly-formed group of nine were organised enough to arrange a minibus to take us directly to the festival.  This meant we got to bypass the experience of clambering for a bus from Antalya airport. 
We also managed to fill the extra seats (and make some extra money) by picking up two Brits and an Aussie in the centre of town (we had met them earlier and Erin let out a helpful "They need a lift!") .  We used part of the extra money to buy a massive woven reed mat from some roadside vendors to use as the centre of our campsite. 
With the mat, the driver, 12 passengers and more luggage, food and water than I thought possible, the bus was pretty well crammed (full as a fat girl's socks, as Marianne likes to say).
What ever happened to the rest of the money though?  Keith?

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