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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Episode 11: In which a rucksack becomes false

Location: Antalya Internation Airport Terminal One
Date: 01/04/2006
We made it to Antalya Airport after a little confusion about whether or not they would take us to the bus station as well (which they did). 
The first stop was International Terminal One.  A few of the crusty hippies got off, and the bus was started again.  As we were pulling away from the kerb, the guy behind me (possibly Dutch?) started yelling at the driver to stop the bus.
"Someone has a false rucksack!"
The bus stopped, possibly just because a random tourist was yelling (the driver spoke very little English).  The guy jumped off the bus and ran to the doors where the three hippies were about to put their bags through security. 
The guy ran over to the doors and returned a minute later with the "false rucksack".  He explained that it was just taken from him, and the thief had no response to "That's my backpack!".  He didn't even pretend it was a mistake (which it couldn't have been since there were all manner of things tied to the pack). 
Because he had to get straight back on the bus, there was no time to sort anything out with the police or security.  He was just lucky he spotted his belongings in time.
The moral of the story - always keep an eye on your luggage!

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